With over eighteen years of graft and experience as a professional musician - writing, recording and playing his way around the UK & Ireland - Gareth Davies-Jones has earned a well respected pedigree in the British roots/acoustic music scene. An artist who has served his apprenticeship well and gathered a discerning following. Properganda Magazine described him as “one of the UK’s best-kept musical secrets, with powerful songs and affecting performances”.

Held in high regard by many commentators as a gifted and perceptive songwriter (BBC Radio's Bob Harris, Iain Anderson & Frank Hennessy are all fans), his music is laced with a vivid and powerful sense of the aesthetic, forged amongst the landscapes and atmosphere of his native Ulster and now adopted home in Northumberland. A natural story teller through song, many reviewers have placed Gareth's performances alongside the best in the Troubadour tradition. Combining elements of Guthrie, Dylan, Taylor and Browne, the attention to musical detail is evident throughout his now extensive back catalogue (nine solo & three collaborative albums) playing a variety of instruments and featuring a keen sense of melody woven around a rich, distinctive voice. “Rich, soulful vocals, a fine ear for melody & masterful acoustic guitar playingR2 Magazine


After winning a Sony Radio Award with writer and producer Mary Colwell in 2009, working with the Farne music archive at Sage Gateshead for ‘North By East’ in 2011, and receiving commissions from highly regarded organisations such as Traidcraft and The People’s Kitchen, Gareth’s songwriting ability has been more recently showcased during a prestigious song-writing residency with The Mining Institute in Newcastle Upon Tyne during 2014/15. Working with Arts Council England, ‘The Seam’ project resulted in a new album of 11 original songs and a critically acclaimed tour telling stories from the Institute’s world renowned archive covering the history of mining engineering and the industrial revolution. 

…instantly memorable melodies & superb musical accompaniment. Gareth's voice is faultless throughout…Essential listening.FATEA 

The Seam is not only an innovative and entertaining approach showcasing a unique collection, it’s also a fitting tribute to the history of mining and mining communities which speaks to our times.The Morning Star


Raised on the shores of Belfast Lough in County Down and now living in the Tyne Valley west of Newcastle Upon Tyne in North East England (Hadrian’s Wall Country) Gareth has been writing, singing and playing his own songs since his mid-teens. After studying at Newcastle University and cutting his musical teeth busking, playing in local bands and working through his twenties, he turned professional in 2004 and set off on a solo singer-songwriter career which has been gaining momentum ever since. Across that time his music has been featured on BBC Television, national and local radio, and used in a variety of settings - from helping WW2 Arctic Convoy veterans receive the recognition of the UK Government, to the ongoing campaign for international Trade Justice. The broad variety of the subject matter addressed in his songs continues to captivate and engage audiences at live shows up and down the country - odes to iconic Lighthouses, tales of maritime daring and tragedy, tributes to tunnellers in WW1, the landscape of Northumberland’s National Park, songs of hope, love and longing…. and everything in between. Over the years Gareth has collaborated with various artists (Megson, Jez Lowe, Landermason, Yvonne Lyon, Calum Stewart, Rob Halligan) and appeared with many more (Phil Beer, Waterson Carthy, Spiers & Boden, Karine Polwart, Paul Field and Andy Flannagan to name a few).


Gareth will be releasing his tenth full solo album “Truth, Tradition, Prophets & Loss” in October 2021. It follows his last collaborative album “Your Way of Singing” released in August 2019 - which was written and produced in conjunction with Wycliffe Bible Translators after time spent working with Gamo tribal musicians in Ethiopia in early 2019. Alongside gigging throughout the year Gareth also works on local songwriting projects in the North East of England and is currently Director of Wyam Winter Tales Festival in Northumberland. 2022 will see the release of a follow-up to 2016’s collaboration “The Space Between” with David and Yvonne Lyon based on the Sermon on the Mount. He continues to tour and play a variety of shows featuring material from across his back catalogue like The Seam and North By East.

“Some artists often sing in the name of one cause or another without conviction, but that is not the case here. The legacy of well-written, descriptive music laid down by Woody Guthrie, still lives on here in the UK” Maverick Magazine (5 Stars)

“..intelligent songs which make a point gently and invoke sympathy……..someone to be taken seriously” fROOTS


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